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Miss Susan Rocks

song. drum. music. movement.
access. innovation. equity.
Local girl makes good. I grew up in the Bay Area and have been teaching music in San Francisco public schools for twenty years.
I love being a part of the solution for our next generation. 
My music curriculum started with this question: Can music class be just as raucous, exhilarating and engaging as playing sports? Can a music curriculum make you want to yell "YESSssss!!" just like when Steph Curry makes a full court shot? 
My goals are to give youth a way to feel powerful in the world, and to tell their story through music. I enjoy teaching a fun, physical, culturally responsive, accessible and equitable music class that includes beatboxing, instrument making, drumming, games, singing, dance, STEAM and literacy integration, rapping, song writing, improvisation and composition.

The music and chorus program I've built is game-based, kinesthetic, social, challenging, modern, and visually exciting. I teach in a very theatrical, performance-based style, so no-one is ever bored, and I consistently hand the leadership over to the students. We improvise and compose using the building blocks of music, found objects, homemade instruments, body percussion, and games. 

Susan Susanne Appe conducting giannini c
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sound lab musical obstacle course USE ME
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