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Here lie the single, double, and even triple "evil moustache" challenges Miss Susan has cooked up for you today.....if you dare ;-)

Rock on, peeps!

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     Easy K/1st     Medium 2nd/3rd   Difficult 4th/5th

Sign Language:

Learn the signs here:                                 Perform them with me here:

English Language Development: 

I've created an entire English language development page! It's full of brand new ELD videos, categorized in specific topics:

Kindergarten songs:
Silly Songs:

Missing Mystery:

DIY Musical Instruments!!
Dance Games:

Out of Order and Zombie Challenge:

Body Percussion:
Rock Songs: 
Tongue Twisters:
Leap Frog and Freebird Challenges:
Singing Challenges:
Freeze Frame Challenge:
Guitar and Piano Practice:

jewels from the secret music vault:

2019 Performances:
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