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9 to 3!

Enjoy OUR version of 9 to 5!! (meant only in satire and humor, pleeeease don't take it seriously) my music kids are the best!

9 to 3 by West Portal 4th and 5th grades 2017

verse 1: Crumple up my math test, throw it in the trash can Instead of a pop-quiz, we have a pop-field trip The homework shredder is workin' overtime, Morning bell rings, ride a waterslide to recess Out on the yard the kickball teams' winning With friends like me in this school from 9 to 3 CHORUS::::: School from 9 to 3, what a way to make you learn stuff Barely breakin' free, it's all reading and no recess They just fill your mind and never give you extra credit It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it 9 to 3, four essays and five math tests, You would think that we should only have seventeen seconds of homework Want to move ahead, just go straight in to the weekend, I swear sometimes that teacher's out to get me! verse 2: The first class is napping, the second is food-fight, Video games and then the rest is recess, And everyday lasagna is for lunch You're in the same class with a lotta your friends Waitin' for the day you're graduating An' the tide's gonna turn and it's all gonna roll your way



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