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"You do what I say!" ;-)

“You do what I say!!”

With that conductor's baton in your hand, some confident shoulders and knowledge of the eight directions of conducting, those musicians in your orchestra will definitely follow your every command! This week in music we created a student-conducted orchestra! Our amazing orchestras had xylophones, drums, caxixis and boomwhackers, and were expressively led by the students, with no helpies from Miss Susan.

We studied the conducting gestures of conductors Jessica Bejarano, Kalena Bovell, and Roderick Cox. Jessica Bejarano actually has her own orchestra right here in San Francisco, called the San Francisco Philharmonic. She is originally from Mexico, and we are so lucky that she immigrated here to SF, so we can benefit from her unique orchestra!!

So, what are those eight directions of conducting, you ask? Well, I will give you a hint for each one, and let's see how many you can name:

  • imagine a bright red race car...

  • think of Miss Susan's first car, an orange Volkswagen bug...

  • picture a cute baby...

  • now picture that baby when it's hungry, needs and nap and has a dirty diaper!!!!

  • imagine a beautiful red snare drum...

  • what about a bright spotlight shining onto the stage...

  • picture a traffic stoplight and you will get the last two conducting directions!

How did you do, did you get all eight conducting directions?! If so, take a bow, you deserve a standing ovation!!!! Wanna see if your answers are correct? HERE they are! If this excites you, here are my recommendations for more incredible conductors to watch and copy:


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